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Millennials love skinny jeans, Gen Z loves loose fits, and both can enjoy this Levi's sale

Nothing for Boomers, though. No pants for you.

Levi's pants + jeans sale

Levi’s pants + jeans sale


Whether you’re a skinny jeans-loving Millennial or a Gen. Z bonehead who can't comprehend the benefit of wearing form-fitting pants, this Levi’s pants + jeans sale has something for everyone. From your standard carpenter pants to these 1970'S 519 corduroy pants that probably won’t fit me as well as I want them to, this deal caters to those on both sides of the raging pants-width war. 

Most of these pants start at the under $25 mark, which is a pretty big drop in price for what pants from Levi’s typically cost you. I just recommend you steer clear of these Stay Loose Men’s Jeans. I mean, you’re practically a hop, skip, and a jump away from strutting into a Cinnabon in JNCOs and a t-shirt stained with the Cinnabon frosting you ate yesterday. 

I’m not saying the skinny jeans war is going to devolve into all-out chaos, but you’ve got to draw the line somewhere. 

From tapered jeans to wide-legged pants, this Levi’s sale won’t last long!